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  • How did you get into growing?
    I've alwasy grown. Growing up the power of working with the land was always around me. I refered to my grandma as "Grandma with the nice garden", here garden was like the garden of eden in my mind. My mum took us forgaing and spent a lot of time healing herself in her garden. My Rudolf Steiner education also had a huge emphasis on connecting, respecting and learning from the natural world. Fast forward to my early 20s, I worked as an international model for 7 years. 2 years into modeling I was searching for a greater purpose, a life style change centered around living sustainably and mental and physical wellbeing. Growing food was the answer, in a way it was like coming home. I went part-time to being learning in 2016. I took a year long course with the RHS, worked in a florist, over the years gained experince in community gardens and in my container roof garden on my boat in London. I went on to train in Permaculture and Forest Gardens. I have now relocated to Devon and am working on creating an edible and medicinal forest garden on the 30m x 5m plot!
  • I want to learn! Could you recomend any courses, books, films, podcats, or suppliers?"
    Yes! I have a working list of usefull recomedtions In The Library. Enjoy!
  • Can I make a recomendtion to go In The Library?
    I would love that, please contact me via the Contact page and we can chat.
  • I'd like to work with you, how should I go about it?"
    For any partnerships, press or collaborations please contact my lovely agent, Alice,, she'll conect us! If you are a brand or reaching out on behalf of one: I would love it if you could attach informtaion on your/their policies regarding ethics and sustainability, including goals and acheivemnts to date in.
  • What is your policy on Paid Partnerships on social media?
    Collaborating with brands I believe in allows me to continue creating inspiring, eductational content for the community, pertaining to nature connection, sustainability and growing food. I personally insect the policies, future plans and track records of brands I collaborate with in regards to ethics and sustainability.
  • Where are you based?
    Lovely wet Devon, England.
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