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"Engaging with a garden is entering a cycle of exchange, we support the land and the land supports us."

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A bit about me . . .
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I am an ecological, home grower and as so often comes with the territory, a forager and passionate cook, working to inspire reconnection to land and the living world through the story of food and herbs, from growing and processing to cooking, soil to table.

“A garden can give us harvests of nutrient-dense food, healing herbs, lessons on living more gently on the Earth and a place to build community while stepping towards greater food sovereignty and a more equitable food system."

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Here I share my ethos and what I stand for, as well as what I’ve learnt and am learning. Expect useful how to's, inspiration, and ramblings pertaining to gardening, food, herbs and the wild.

You’ll find a handy, evolving list of resources I’ve shared in the library, from books to seed sellers.

I hope you leave here feeling empowered and inspired!

​“Communing with nature, even if it’s simply growing some sprouts on your windowsill is healing, empowering, awe-inspiring.”

I want to make ecological, regenerative growing feel accessible for everyone. 

I see access to Nature, nutritious food and space to grow as fundamental and political, they are essential for mental & physical wellbeing, offer powerful direct access to culture, heritage, the land and each other.


All life should have the right to access and interact with a living world in a fulfilling and empowering way.

“ We all deserve to belong to the Land. To have our feet on soil that will care for us and we will care for in return.”

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